Episode 72.- Labor Problems

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Today’s episode is a especial two parts, the first half we have the presence of Brent’s son while the gang talks about the new Live Action series of Cowboy Bebop and some the Konami-Kojima drama which still continues. This starts a debate about the different changes that some companies and the government are promoting in the working environment and time, but… are they really in the best interest of the people?

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Episode 15.- JET Programme

In Episode 15 Motoi, Brent and Edgar discuss about the problem that some students are facing after one Japanese university has decided to evict all of the students that live in one of its dormitories due to drinking. Also, Motoi explains the Japanese Blood Type horoscope. Listen to learn what type of personality do you have depending on your blood type. Finally, Brent explains us everything you have to know about the JET Programme, including benefits, some challenges and how can you apply for it. Listen to our show if you’re interested in coming to Japan through the JET Programme, which represents a great opportunity for all the people who is looking forward to live in Japan for a short period of time.

Episode 5: Work Culture

In Episode 5 we briefly discuss the changes to the Fukuoka Night Market, the hunt for the Anne Frank vandalizer (recorded before his arrest), and a new TV show about “Black Companies”. Then we discuss the ins and outs of work culture in Japan.