Episode 65.- Cheating

Hello Everyone!!

On this week’s new episode Motoi, Brent and Edgar talk about some of the latest news, such as the passing away of Masaya Nakamura, who’s company created Pac-Man and the controversy surrounding the APA Hotels’ CEO. Later on we move to our main topic of the day, which is cheating in Japan. There are many different perceptions about love, relationships and cheating depending of each of the Living Japan’s crew cultural background and we gather up to discuss them around the topic of how Japanese people feel’s towards the idea of cheating to their couples. Join the discussion, what would be considered as cheating in your country? How do you feel about the idea of cheating in Japan?

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Episode 60.- Olympics with a taste of Cool Japan, Mysterious Japanese Women and LGBT Acceptance

This was a busy week at the Living Japan studios and our crew got really deep into so many topics. Join us as we discuss the role of Cool Japan in promoting the Tokyo Olympics, later on we move to a text Brent found on the web about the depiction of Japanese women, is this idea of the Mysterious Japanese lady true? Finally, we discuss a little bit about a survey that asks Japanese parents if they’ll accept a LGBT child.

Episode 59.- Pokemon Go, Tsukiji and Elections

The Living Japan crew is back this week! Join us while we discuss about the arrival of Pokemon Go to Japan and how people has been reacting to it. We also talk about the moving of the Tsukiji Fish Market, is it happening? Finally, we also talk a little about the next Tokyo election.


Episode 58.- Purikura, Gachapon and Arcades

Hello Gang!!

We are catching up and soon we will have episodes on time! On today’s episode we answer to one of our listeners questions, Purikura, Gachapon adn Arcade culture in Japan. Listen to the Living Japan crew talk about their experiences with this form of entertainment, which are their favorite games? do they collect gachapon? how many purikuras they have?

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Episode 43.- TGS 2015 and Idols’ Contracts

On Episode 43 Edgar share’s with us his thoughts after covering the Tokyo Game Show 2015. We discuss a little bit about the changes that are taking place inside the Japanese Gaming industry. The Living Japan crew also discusses about a recent controversy involving an idol that “broke” some stipulations on her contract and will have to pay an important sum of money to her managing company. Join the discussion, what do you think about videogames and the role in Japan in the industry today? Also, do you think the idol did wrong or do you think that the decision on her contract was fair? Let us know in the comments!!