Episode 64.- Going back home & Sex ed

Hello everyone!! Happy New Year!

We start the podcast for 2017 with a very interesting episode. First, we talk a little bit about Brent’s trip with his family to the US for the Holidays, how easy and difficult it was to travel with a child from Japan and coming back, as well as some funny stories about the little differences of everyday life little things between both countries. Later on we move on to our first news story of the year: during 2016 the amount of people in Japan with STDs increased and as a consequence the government is planning to increases awareness about this type of illnesses. This opens the talk to discuss a little bit about sex education in Japan and std awareness.

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Episode 28.- What you miss from abroad? What you love from Japan?

We are sorry for being late with episode 28, but we had to take our time to welcome back Edgar from his trip back home, which gave us the excuse to talk about what we miss from abroad. We also talk about what Japan has that we miss when you travel to other countries. Join the discussion, what is the thing that you miss the most when traveling outside from your home country?