Episode 67.- The Death of the Harajuku Style

As every two weeks, the Living Japan crew is back! Bringing you the latest news on what is happening in Japan. In this week’s episode we talk about MariCar, a company that is being sued by Nintendo for using its characters and the concept of Mario Kart to make business in Tokyo. Later on, Motoi, Brent and Edgar address an issue that has been recently trending on social media: The Death of the Harajuku Style. FRUiTS, the magazine that brought the Harajuku fashion style to the spotlight is closing, which has created a debate around the disappearance of street culture in Japan. Is the Harajuku style really death? Which places can young people use to express themselves in a huge city? Where you live young people face similar problems?

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Episode 25.- Graffiti and Street Art Culture

Friend of the show and graffiti artist Tysa joins us to talk about the history of graffiti in Mexico and compare it to the street art culture in Japan. Don’t miss this opportunity to take a look into the Japanese graffiti scene, its differences with other scenes around the world and the difficulties they face to try to express themselves in Japan. Join the discussion, do you consider graffiti art or vandalism? Let us now in your comments!!