Nerd Talk.- Olympic Ambassadors

Hello Everyone!

We are trying to start 2017 with the right foot and working hard to have a new episode for you every two weeks. Since Motoi had to travel abroad for work, we decided to record a new Nerd Talk episodes, because without her, Edgar and Brent are not cool, just a couple of Nerds! Haha! Our favorite nerds talk about the announcement by the Olympic committee of the new Ambassadors for the Tokyo 2020 Games. Brent and Edgar give their thoughts about them.

Join the discussion, let us know what you think. Do you think these characters represent the spirit of Japan and the Olympic Games? Who would you have chosen?


Episode 59.- Pokemon Go, Tsukiji and Elections

The Living Japan crew is back this week! Join us while we discuss about the arrival of Pokemon Go to Japan and how people has been reacting to it. We also talk about the moving of the Tsukiji Fish Market, is it happening? Finally, we also talk a little about the next Tokyo election.


Episode 57.- Ghost in the Shell and Media Representation: An insight from Japan.

The Living Japan crew is back! This time, we once again talk about Japanese pop culture and how it has been adapted in the West by analyzing the debate around the casting of Scarlett Johanson as Motoko Kusanagi for the movie adaptation of Ghost in the Shell. Is it really white washing? Can foreign actors representing characters conceived in Japan help having more diverse casts in Japan? What do Japanese people think about this issue?

Join the discussion! Let us know what you think in comments!

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Episode 30.- Anime in Mexico

Friend of the show Luis, from the Konnichiwa Fest and the Spanish language podcast “Ensalada de Otakus” (Otaku Salad) came all the way from Mexico just to talk with us about the Anime Scene in Mexico. Stick with us to learn which anime’s are trending in this Latin American country and to know some of the favorite animes of the Living Japan Crew. Join the discussion, which are your favorite animes? which ones would you recommend? do you like it or not?

Episode 23.- Christmas Special

It’s Christmas time!!!!! The Living Japan gang talks about the Japanese tradition of eating fried chicken on Christmas day and the differences between spending this time of the year in Japan, Mexico and the US. Spending your Christmas night alone? There’s a Japanese word for that!!!! How do Japanese women in an international marriage feel about the Christmas time abroad?? The meanings of osechi and other Japanese traditions on receiving the New Year. Listen the crew discuss about these and other topics around the Holidays Season!!

Episode 13: Matsuri Season

It’s summer and this means it is time for festivals, or as they are called in Japanese, Matsuri Season! Join Motoi, Brent and Edgar as they discuss the different type of Matsuri that you can find in Japan, some of their experiences and how to have a great time when visiting a summer festival! We also discuss the issue of the Japanese artist related to the obscenity laws in Japan.