Episode 65.- Cheating

Hello Everyone!!

On this week’s new episode Motoi, Brent and Edgar talk about some of the latest news, such as the passing away of Masaya Nakamura, who’s company created Pac-Man and the controversy surrounding the APA Hotels’ CEO. Later on we move to our main topic of the day, which is cheating in Japan. There are many different perceptions about love, relationships and cheating depending of each of the Living Japan’s crew cultural background and we gather up to discuss them around the topic of how Japanese people feel’s towards the idea of cheating to their couples. Join the discussion, what would be considered as cheating in your country? How do you feel about the idea of cheating in Japan?

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Episode 27.- Valentine’s Day and White Day Special

Love fills the Living Japan Studios as Motoi, Brent and Edgar talk about the tradition of giving chocolate on Valentine’s Day and paying it back on White Day. We also talk about the number one thing that foreign men find not so “kawaii” about Japanese ladies and discuss some nice chocolate options to give to your friends or significant other on Valentine’s. Join the discussion, let us know how do you celebrate Valentine’s in your home country.