Episode 69.- Reactivation of Nuclear Power Plants

It’s time for a new episode of Living Japan. On today’s Episode, Motoi, Brent and Edgar talk about the reactivation of the nuclear plants that were closed after the Fukushima disaster. Join us, as we talk about the implications of using and not using nuclear energy in Japan. Join the discussion, let us know what you think about the usage of nuclear energy.




Episode 57.- Ghost in the Shell and Media Representation: An insight from Japan.

The Living Japan crew is back! This time, we once again talk about Japanese pop culture and how it has been adapted in the West by analyzing the debate around the casting of Scarlett Johanson as Motoko Kusanagi for the movie adaptation of Ghost in the Shell. Is it really white washing? Can foreign actors representing characters conceived in Japan help having more diverse casts in Japan? What do Japanese people think about this issue?

Join the discussion! Let us know what you think in comments!

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Episode 56.- 10 Thing Japanese People do Better than You???

Hello Gang!!!!! It’s time for another quick episode of Living Japan! This time, we discuss and article that our sweet Motoi found on the web enlisting the 10 things that Japanese People do better than the rest of the world… but is it really like that? Join us on this small chat where we talk a little bit of everything from public transportation to toilets, from restaurants to anime, which are really good and which aren’t?

Join the discussion!!! Let us know what you think!! Is there anything that happens at your country in which you think Japan is better? or is it the other way? Let us know in the comments!

Episode 38.- Growing up as a Half-Japanese

On Episode 38 we talk about the selection of Ariana Miyamato, a half-Japanese half-African American woman,as Miss Japan and the debate it has created on the Japanese media. Friend of the show Stephanie joins us to talk about the experience of growing in Japan as the daughter of an international marriage. Join us as we talk about the ethnic perceptions of Japanese people and the challenges that half-Japanese individuals face in Japan. Join the discussion, will the selection of a person of a multi-ethnic background person as the Miss Universe representative of your country will become an issue of debate? Let us know in your comments!

Episode 34.- Japanese Names

This week we talk about the possible volcanic eruption at Hakone, explaining that there are some parts of this touristic spot that are still safe and that you can visit. We also discuss the polemic that came around when a local zoo named a new monkey after the baby of the British Royal Family. Finally, we mainly discuss about Japanese names and if it is proper or not to use foreigner names. Join the discussion, would you name your kid with a Japanese name even if you don’t have a Japanese heritage? Does it matter? Let us know in the comments.

Episode 30.- Anime in Mexico

Friend of the show Luis, from the Konnichiwa Fest and the Spanish language podcast “Ensalada de Otakus” (Otaku Salad) came all the way from Mexico just to talk with us about the Anime Scene in Mexico. Stick with us to learn which anime’s are trending in this Latin American country and to know some of the favorite animes of the Living Japan Crew. Join the discussion, which are your favorite animes? which ones would you recommend? do you like it or not?