Episode 71.- The Princess Got Engaged!

Brent opened this week’s conversation by asking Motoi and Edgar about their thought’s on the recent arrival of Carl’s Jr. to Japan, specially because their presentation is very different to the image this fast food chain has in Japan. Next, we talk about our main topic, the engagement of Princess Mako and the debate about the role of women on the Japanese Imperial Family. Finally, the gang discussed about some weird posters with a nationalistic message that appeared in Kyoto.

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Episode 37.- Fast Food in Japan

On Episode 37 we first give a nice shout out to all the video game fans as we talk about the new trailer for the remake of FFVII. Later on we talk about the initiative of the METI to bring back kimono. Finally, as our main topic of this week, we answer one of our listener’s question about Fast Food in Japan, what options are there? is it different from fast food in other countries? which are the places that the Living Japan crew prefer to eat at? Join the discussion, do fast food places in your home country are like those in Japan? Do they have seasonal special menu items? Let us know in the comments!!