Episode 68.- Myths about school

Hello Everyone!

We want to apologize for getting behind our schedule, but finally we were able to meet and record a new episode. Today, we have a fun episode talking about a recent trend on Twitter with the hasthag #gaijinconfessions. The Living Japan crew tell us some confessions of their own before moving on to our main topic: Myths about the Japanese schooling system. There are many articles that try to describe how education works in Japan, however, not everything they say is true. Join us while Brent, Edgar and Motoi talk about some of this issues and discuss how truthful are this Internet articles. Join the discussion, tell us your opinion about the Japanese schooling system in the comments.


Episode 55.- Lost in the Forest of Hokkaido

We are back!!!!!! Apologies to all of our listeners!!! For health reasons we had to take a short break for the podcast, nothing to worry, but finally we were able to record a new episode. Brent, Motoi and Edgar discuss a recent news that take over Japan about a young child that got lost in the forests of Hokkaido. As part of the talk, they discuss the differences between USA, Mexico and Japan on how parents discipline their children.

Join the discussion!!! Let us know what you think in the comments!

Episode 45.- The UN dealing with manga??

On this week’s episode Brent talk to us about his first acupuncture experience in Japan. Later on we talk about the message of the UN representative Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, who urged Japan to have stricter laws in order to ban the sexual depictions of underage characters in manga. Finally, we answered our first ever Facebook message from our listener Robert, from Poland, who after watching a viral video, asked us if it is true that Japanese children have to clean their schools by themselves.

Episode 15.- JET Programme

In Episode 15 Motoi, Brent and Edgar discuss about the problem that some students are facing after one Japanese university has decided to evict all of the students that live in one of its dormitories due to drinking. Also, Motoi explains the Japanese Blood Type horoscope. Listen to learn what type of personality do you have depending on your blood type. Finally, Brent explains us everything you have to know about the JET Programme, including benefits, some challenges and how can you apply for it. Listen to our show if you’re interested in coming to Japan through the JET Programme, which represents a great opportunity for all the people who is looking forward to live in Japan for a short period of time.

Episode 3: Education and Juken

If you want to hear about education in Japan this should be a grand episode! We touch on bullying, testing, having fun in college and other social aspects of school in Japan. Our focus is on high school and college but we do mention the younger grades a touch as well.