Episode 66.- Train Etiquette

Welcome to a new episode of Living Japan! As the month of love ends, Motoi, Brent and Edgar discuss about the protest against Valentine’s Day that a cranky group of Marxist had in Tokyo, opposing the discrimination against unattractive men. Later on, the crew talks about our main topic “Train Etiquette.” There are many written and unwritten rules that everyone that uses a train in Japan should know. Are they different from those in your country? Let us know in the comments!

*We’ve been having some trouble with our audio equipment. Apologies in advanced if there are some parts that are not very clear.



Episode 50.- Food, Gender Roles and Valentine’s

Didi stayed with us for one more episode in which we talk about the difficulties of being vegetarian in Japan and do a comparison between the original Italian food and the one that is served in Japan. We also talk about the stereotypes of the Italian and Latin men and the differences with Japanese men, which give us the perfect excuse to talk once again about Valentine. Join the conversation by telling us how hard is it to be a vegetarian in your country? Are the expectations about men and women when dating are similar to those in Japan? Let us know in the comments!

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