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The Living Japan crew met when they were  MA students studying at Waseda University’s Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies. They bonded over a deep love of Japan and and a desire to discuss various aspects of Japan in a balanced way.This podcast (and blog) deals with current events, modern culture and social issues in Japan.

We are:


Motoi Takekawa is a Japanese singer-song writer whose music touches upon various social issues. She sings in English, Chinese and Japanese. In 2013, she performed at the “China Film Week in Tokyo & Okinawa 2013” as a guest singer. She started her own acoustic band after returning from studying and performing in China and Taiwan. Her first mini-album “詠” was released in December, 2013 and she is now ready to have her 3rd concert on April 25th. (Live 逢)


IMG_6478Brent Thomas is an American who moved to Japan in 2004 on the JET Programme and worked in Gunma Prefecture for eight years as both an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) and the prefecture’s ALT Advisor. In 2012 entered Waseda University’s Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies, studying International Relations while focusing on modern Japanese culture, graduating with an MA in 2014. He continues to work in education, teaching at elementary school. He currently lives in Tokyo with his wife, son and two small parrots. In 2015 he self-published his first novel, Deadly Troubadours and is working on the sequel as well as a horror, vampire podcast called Bloody Tokyo, and he enjoys playing ukulele. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and his website.




Edgar Santiago Peláez Mazairegos (or just Edgar Peláez) is a Mexican internationalist who specializes in the Asia-Pacific region, media affairs and pop culture. After finishing college in Mexico City, he moved to the city of Fresno, California where he worked in the Community Approach Department of the Consulate of Mexico, and was in charge of Media Affairs. In 2012 he obtained the Monbukagakusho Scholarship and moved to Japan to study for his MA at the Graduate School of Asia -Pacific Studies of Waseda University. He currently is the only Latin American CoFesta Ambassador officially appointed by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan and the CoFesta Executive Commitee. He is also the host of the Youtube show World Meets Japan, where he shows the different aspects of life in Japan and Japanese culture…. He knows how to cook and has some epic dance moves (or that’s what he thinks)…

Theme Music

Our podcast regularly uses two pieces of music. Our closing music is by our own Motoi Takekawa. Our opening music is by the very talented Manny Marx and is called “Major Key? Mezurashii…” off his album Vagabond. You can find that album and more music from Manny Marx here.

Podcast Art
Friend of the show and talented artist Rubén Bahena crafted this fabulous new logo for the podcast. We hope you like it is much as we do! You can find more of his fabulous work at

One thought on “About

  1. Thanks for pitting these themes together. Is like to hear more about your experiences in Japan.

    Can you guys look into what Japanese think about graffiti as vandalism. I’ll send you some fotos by email.

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