Episode 39.- 70th Anniversary of WWII

On this episode the Living Japan crew talks about the anniversary of the Second World War and how this conflict was lived and taught in their different countries. They also talk about how the history of this conflict is being taught in Japan, the importance of not forgetting history and their hopes for the future. Join the conversation, did you have relatives that lived during that period? Tell us their story!


One thought on “Episode 39.- 70th Anniversary of WWII

  1. Thank you for sharing your opinions and perceptions on the WW2 history, the A-bomb and modern day reflection on the topic. It is a challenging theme to discuss without letting our emotions carry us away on aggressive rants.

    I am not ready to share my true feelings but appreciate that you guys have at the very least shown us that there is room for us to learn, understand and express our frustrations.

    One thing I have learned in my short life is that asking questions leads to answers. Please continue your efforts in creating forums where others can share what they think and how they feel. We need it!

    Hope to hear more humor and anecdotal stories about ironic behavior in the land of the rising son.

    Love the podcast. Requests:
    More Motoi
    Less anger
    A little Japanese mixed with Spanish for good measure.

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