Episode 35: News Bonanza and Working Overtime!

This week we have lots of news worth discussing including the Dirty Korean Beer twitter-storm, some ongoing news about aquariums acquiring dolphins, and possible new rules for overtime.


One thought on “Episode 35: News Bonanza and Working Overtime!

  1. I wanted to bring an opposing opinion about Overtime Work because my experiences are in large contrast to yours.
    First of all, the law that is being proposed is not a good idea so I am not even going to bother trying to defend it. Lets set that discussion aside for the political powers we have elected (by “we” I mean “you” and by “You” I mean the few conservative leaders of Japan who actually take the time to select representatives).

    Unpaid Overtime:
    Most of us (I work late every day) stay late (unpaid) for these reasons (in order of importance)
    1 – Nothing better to do (no family, no friends, no hobbies)
    2 – Avoid busy commute
    3 – Socialize at the office
    4 – My spouse (wife) expects me to work late
    5 – I want to help my team finish their work
    6 – My boss asked me to work stay late
    7 – My work has not been completed
    8 – Peer pressure (the boss has not left)
    9 – Financial incentive (bonus)

    My research is based on countless hours of fabricating stories at local pubs and shot bars where we tend to express our diverse opinions with intense passion and total disregard for credibility or integrity. Most of all, we strive for humor masked by sarcasm in case we offend someone.

    I have enjoyed your podcast and hope to continue to hear more about your experiences in Japan. I hope your listeners continue to share their thoughts and opinions openly so we can make decisions in our lives that improves our way of life. It is almost impossible to get Japanese salary workers to see any fault in unpaid overtime and playing the Devils Promoter might be one way to get the message across. Its like that Proverb about taking a horse to the bathroom, but not making him drink.

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