Episode 29.- Fathering in Japan

We are back on track here on Living Japan! This time, Motoi, Brent and Edgar talk about the opening of a new “Macho” Café in Nakano and discuss if the face of Japan is changing, as the new Miss Universe representative of Japan is Half-Japanese and Half-American. Also, we talk about what means to be a Father in Japan and the changing trends of Fathering in Japan.


One thought on “Episode 29.- Fathering in Japan

  1. Macho is just a simple term for muscular. But Japanese men take it a bit too far.
    Fatherhood has changed a bit due to the nuclear family phenomenon where many men grew up with working parents and fathers who worked later than the mother so often were absent fro the home. The fathers still pressure the boys to join sport clubs but spent most weekends sleeping in. Some of these men have come to realize they didn’t lie their upbringing and learned to adapt more to the modern family where male and female roles are equalized. At least that what I hope has been happening.

    I hear your tension and feel your pain guys. God bless you Brent for pro-creating. We need to increase the population and I want to be able to share more fatherhood advice with you. Let me know if you have any questions. Not hat I have good advise, I just like to share. lol

    Waiting for the next episode Hanami?

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