Episode 25.- Graffiti and Street Art Culture

Friend of the show and graffiti artist Tysa joins us to talk about the history of graffiti in Mexico and compare it to the street art culture in Japan. Don’t miss this opportunity to take a look into the Japanese graffiti scene, its differences with other scenes around the world and the difficulties they face to try to express themselves in Japan. Join the discussion, do you consider graffiti art or vandalism? Let us now in your comments!!


One thought on “Episode 25.- Graffiti and Street Art Culture

  1. Great interview. Graffiti is a sore subject for me because I grew up in LA where it’s mainly a gang thing. People around my neighborhood would literally kill each other over a tag on the wall. But in Japan it is more of an artistic expression. In the western part of Tokyo where I live there are a few places with lots of graffiti art. One place in particular is a couple of blocks away from the Seibu Dome. I’ll send you a photo next time I go by that area.
    〒207-0001 Tōkyō-to, Higashiyamato-shi, Tamako, 2 Chome

    There is also a vacant car lot that is covered in unattractive tags and bom-bin’s (bombings?) .Tysa should come down here are see if we can get permission to mob that wall. Check out Shin-Ome-Kaido towards Fussa. There are some local taggers that have been running a muck for a couple of years now.
    Shin-Oume Hwy
    6 Chome Shimizu
    Higashiyamato-shi, Tōkyō-to 207-0004

    Fue impresionante lo bien que Ed tradujoo todo. Aunque algunas palabras (“no me acurado el nombre de la XXXXX…”) no alcansaron ser tradicidas, creo que fue para lo mejor. La próxima vez que tengan una entrevista bilingüe, estoy seguro de que van a tratar de utilisar frases más cortas, así que no se pierdan los que no entienden.

    Aqui los espero!

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