Episode 19: Halloween Special 2014

This week’s ghoulishly good episode talks about yokai, yurei and obake. At least a little bit.  We also discuss how Halloween in Japan has changed and share some favorite scary movies.



One thought on “Episode 19: Halloween Special 2014

  1. Guys, I really liked this episode. I knew a little about he Kuchisake Ona and was kind of surprised to hear other people talk about it. I heard you are supposed to tel her “I don’t know” then run off before she reveals her face.
    A good source of spooky stories (sort of) is KWAIDAN by Koizumi Yakumo (a.k.a. Lafcadio Hearn).

    In Setagya, we had the first Halloween trick-or-treat event ever on Sunday the 26th. The community organized it and expected about 50 kids. They only got 4 people to give out candy (my school Pips, a bakery SUSUCRE and two private residences). to our surprise, over 120 kids showed up and they were totally dressed up (about half of them were). Some kids wore traditional spooky costumes like zombies, vampires and a bunch of witches from the Kiki’s Delivery Service character. I realized the Halloween tradition has started to catch on. I hope it takes off like an arrow (ehh?).

    Thanks for making the afternoon commute more bearable. Looking forward to the next episode.

    BS Can you guys talk about the dating scene or lack there of in Japan? I noticed at parties the guys and girls are divided up like a junior high school dance. Is it just my imagination?

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