Episode 17: Hiking in Japan (Mt. Takao and Mt. Fuji)

It’s a very quick episode this week due to short studio time. Sorry about that. But we hope you enjoy main discussion on hiking Mts Fuji and Takao, even if our lead in is on the heavy topic of child abuse.


One thought on “Episode 17: Hiking in Japan (Mt. Takao and Mt. Fuji)

  1. What the hell are you guys trying to do to us? I downloaded the podcast and listened to it while riding my bicycle home and did not bother reading the description. Then you have a brief intro about domestic violence which was not too long, but come on!!!!!! I want to laugh or at least be intrigued. Then Motoi’s sweet voice says “move on tot he next topic” and BAM! Death on Mount Ontake by Volcanoes, the unpredictable human nature. Not to worry, Brent cheers us up with his cheerful adventures of hiking the beautiful mountains, no WAIT! The trail is covered in asphalt or littered with trash. And NO SINGING or DANCING cause people frown. You make it very welcoming (not).

    15 minutes in, I am not sure why I have listened so far. I hit the button on my headphone to skip to the next Podcast but this is the only unplayed podcast on my list, so I have to bare with it. At least I have something to comment about.

    Thanks for putting the podcast together. You should leave the depressing bits for later in the podcast and focus more on the HAPPY stories like the untold adventures of skinny dipping in the onsen at the top of Mount Takao or other sexy stories.

    Love the show and FIRE BEERMUG!

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