Episode 8: Job Hunting

For our job hunting episode we discuss various issues concerning new employment in Japan. Also, friends of the show and successful job-hunters Isshin and Ai share their experiences on the hunt!


2 thoughts on “Episode 8: Job Hunting

  1. This was very informative for Japanese job hunters or people looking up work in Japan at a Japanese firm. I think most of the information should not be applied to international applicants. Brent, hope you and I can get together and share some of our thoughts on the topic down the road.

  2. I have a big question for Ishiin, what kind of company were you referring to when you said that the communication would be in Japanese? I have rarely had to use Japanese and less nowadays.

    Many executives have made a rule rouse only English in their office meetings and sent their staff to study English in support of their corporate strategy to be more globally competitive.

    I can only speak of my experience with Bandai, Rakuten, Fuji Electric and Hitachi-Aloka

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