Episode 7: Mother’s Day

Episode 7 celebrates Mother’s Day as we chat about pre-school, a mother of two joining AKB and gift ideas before moving into our discussion of how our home countries (Japan, USA and Mexico) thinks about mothers. We love you, Mom!


One thought on “Episode 7: Mother’s Day

  1. Love the podcast guys. Brent’s mic sounds a bit weird, but otherwise, good fun.

    It was interesting to hear the differences between countries and cultures. One thing that may be interesting to share about working mothers is the increased government support they receive for child care. Mainly, if a mother works, she received about $200 a month for childcare which general covers 5 hours of daycare in the HOIKUEN. The kindergarten system called YOUCHIEn is a little more expensive. This was one of the reasons why my wife decided to work part time when we moved to Japan.

    At the same time, there is a shortage of HOIKUEN schools, the current schools are usually at max capacity and have a long waiting list. Shortage of qualified teachers, the license is called HOIKUSHI and the test is in Japanese so foreigners usually do not carry this certification. Not sure if there is a reason. Plus the pay is less than most English teaching jobs (890 yen an hour). Limited available hours, usually from 9 AM to 3 PM. Most working mothers need to drop the children off at 7 or 8 AM or pick them up at 5 or 6 PM. But these issues are being resolved little by little.

    By the way, sounds like Brent’s mom deserves to get a special gift next year. He should buy like $500 in iTunes credit and purchase an iPad for his mom next year. Perhaps he can start a KISTARTER and engrave the initials of people who donate or something like that.

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