Episode 3: Education and Juken

If you want to hear about education in Japan this should be a grand episode! We touch on bullying, testing, having fun in college and other social aspects of school in Japan. Our focus is on high school and college but we do mention the younger grades a touch as well.


One thought on “Episode 3: Education and Juken

  1. Dude!!! MY son has been in JUKU since he was 3 and we send him to expensive private schools too. I can not afford it, so his grandparents have been pitching in.
    One of the reasons he has been going to private schools is because his grandparents and his mother think there is too much bullying and racism in the public schools.
    The reason he is going to cram school is to improve his chances to pass the entrance exam for junior high because the less expensive schools are harder to get into.

    This summer, he went to Waseda Academy (private business unrelated to eh university) from 9 AM to 5 PM. This is on his vacation day! And his mom (my wife) is way stressed because he is not getting high enough scores to pass the entrance exams.

    This is definitely a money making industry with loads of juku an juken school that are not worth the money. But it does keep the kids off the streets and gives them another place to create social networks. My son has three different circles of friends based on the different schools he attends.

    I do wish he spend more time at the playground, in the back yard or at the liquor store (conbini).

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